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Pineapple Express 2: Will It Going To Happen, Has Judd Apatow Revealed Anything

Pineapple Express 2 is in work and we are certainly happy to announce that producer Judd Apatow has revealed some major news about it according to him the movie will deal with the legalization of marijuana, the movie is directed by David Gordon Green and written by Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

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Pineapple Express was a major hit It grossed $102 million worldwide with a budget of $26 million, the movie premiered in 2008 but still remains one of the best comedies of all time.


In 2008 marijuana was illegal but as of 2018 marijuana became legal in California and other parts of the US so now that marijuana is legal it would hamper with the tag line of the first part of Pineapple Express, part two will have a new storyline and we are absolutely excited to see what it is.

In an interview, Judd also mentioned that this would make a good storyline for a marijuana dealer in California to find out that marijuana is now legal and to see how his life changes after this.


Even though Judd has mentioned a possibility of a Pineapple Express 2 it is not yet set in stone that the movie will get the direction that it deserves, we haven’t heard about any possibilities in the last two years so the project is uncertain.

Judd has already faced rejection from the studio executive but he is still rooting for a second installment, seeing James Franco once again as a dealer will be a hell of a ride and we are totally praying for the project to move forward.

So if the movie moves forward we can all get ready for another adventurous ride filled with comedy, do let us know what you think about a Pineapple Express 2.

That is all for today we will keep fans updated on the latest news about Pineapple Express 2 until then continue reading with us!

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