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My Spy 2: Will We Get A Sequel Of Dave Bautista’s Movie?

Here is what we know about the film called My Spy on the Amazon Prime Video!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the film called My Spy are also aware of the fact that it starred actor Dave Bautista. A piece of happy news has come for all of your fans right now that says a potential sequel regarding this tale has been put under the process of development by STX Films as well as the Amazon Prime Video.

This news as has been reported by a news media outlet called Deadline who says that these two studios are in the early stages of discussion to develop a second part to My Spy after the parent film has received positive responses from both, the audience as well as the critics.

My Spy 2' Being Explored By STX & Amazon – Deadline

Here is what the plot of the film, My Spy, is all about!

This film called My Spy whose genre excels in the department of humor along with comedy came out back on the 26th of June after it was not released in the theatres worldwide because of the pandemic which has been created by the fatal Corona Virus.

The plot of the film, My Spy, throws the entire spotlight on a hardened CIA operative whose role is reprised by Bautista. He finds himself at the mercy of a girl who is just nine years in age when he is sent to spy on her family without telling anyone.

Here is what we know about the other cast members in My Spy!

There are other actors as well as actresses in the film who have all helped in making this iconic tale successful. A mini list of them has been provided down below. They are;

  • Kristen Schaal
  • Ken Jeong
  • Chloe Coleman

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