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Muppets: When Will The Comedy Series Release On Disney+?

Everything that you need to know about Muppets Now is available down below, do not forget to check it out!

All the people who have taken a subscription of Disney Plus know that it is an upcoming comedy television series that has been produced by Muppets Studio.

The show is set to get released on the streaming platform, Disney Plus.

Kirk Thatcher has directed this upcoming tale, and it is sort of a reboot the old Muppets Franchise!

It has been directed by Kirk Thatcher and Muppets Now is an improvised version of the situation comedy that is based on The Muppets franchise by Jim Henson. The show excels in the genre of comedy, and fans have always loved it.

Muppets Now is going to have six episodes, and each one will run for 10 minutes.

Here is when Muppets Now is going to have a release!

It is scheduled to release on Disney plus on the 31st of July 2024.

This series is going to be an unscripted one that features three different segments of a reality show. They are;

  • A Game Show
  • A Talk Show
  • A Cooking Show

Here is what the cast list of Muppets Now looks like!

The list of cast members employed in Muppets Now is pretty tiny. It comprises of the following people;

  • Matt Vogel is going to reprise the role of Kermit, the Frog.
  • Dave Goelz is going to enact the character of The Great Gonzo.

A Muppets series was the idea of Disney Plus that happened back in 2019 and was planned to be a revised update of the previous Muppets!

Back on the 21st of May 2019, the media reported that Disney is working on a short series that will run for 10 minutes and is entirely based on The Muppets. It was set to be an updated version of the comedy series that features three segments.

On the 23rd of August 2019, the series goes officially announced and took the title of Muppets Now. On the 22nd of December 2019, Kirk Thatcher, the director of this mini-series, said that it is going to approach three different types of shows.

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