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Metal Lords: Here’s What Is Known About The Netflix Movie

Here is what we know about the forthcoming Netflix film called Metal Lords!

Well, well, well, all the people who are in love with the work of our favorite director duo, that is, David Benioff, as well as D.B. Weiss, should all be aware of the fact that as of right now, there is a new teen music drama film going to launch on the streaming giant Netflix which has been directed by them.

This forthcoming movie on the platform goes by the name, Metal Lords. The Game of Thrones season 8 directors have gone on to work so much as doing the writing as well as the creating part and producing it along with directing this new tale.

Here is what we know about the crew members set on board for Metal Lords!

Peter Sollett Set To Direct 'Metal Lords' For Netflix (EXCLUSIVE ...


Just for a hot and fresh recap, we must tell you that David Benioff as well as D.B. Weiss started their career with the Game of Thrones by HBO assigned to them as an expansive deal and now they have some major of the Netflix produce titles under their belts. The duo has already come out on news media platforms announcing a number of upcoming projects with the streaming platform but Metal Lords looks like to be the most recent one.

The show, Metal Lords, has been produced by David Benioff but the task of professionally writing its whole script has been done by D.B. Weiss. The company which has supported them with their production feature is called Bighead Littlehead. You should all be aware of the fact that Greg Shapiro, who is widely popular for his work on The Huet Locker, is all attached to this project in the form of a producer.

When is Metal Lords going yo release on Netflix?

Well, if we go on and try to discuss a potential release date if the film, then we should also keep in mind that if the planned production starts off as it is imagined to be, and then goes on to take a standard time for filming, Metal Lords can come out by Fall of 2024 or maybe ever Summer.

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