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Noah Schnapp Refused To Use Any Racial Slur And Also Apologized For The Matter

Fifteen-year-old Noa Schnepp, who plays Will Byers in the movie Stranger Things, searched for a video she sang alongside Chris N, who sang the N-word.

The Independent reported that a video of Noren’s song and Lil’s Dickie are circulating on social media with Chris Brown’s Freaky Friday song; The #NoahSchappisOverParty trend started as the video became more and more shared on Twitter.

Noah Schnepp apology Letter

However, Noah himself says that he replaced the word n ​​with the name “neighbour” and that he would never use that language. The actor sent a lengthy apology to Instagram Stories to shed light on the incident.

“I hope you understand all of them and I can’t think of doing this. Even my friends will never post or sponsor a video, if I were to say it without hesitation, I apologize for using the term substitution,” Noah continued. I understand why he was found offensive and I feel sorry for him. ” In 2019, Gina Rodriguez apologized for using the actual video for Fafund’s “Ready or Not Wrapping”. James Charles refused to use it in a New Year’s Eve video, and set himself on fire for using Victoria’s Secret model while Cardi B sang “Yellow Weddings.”

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp denies using the N-word in viral clip | London Evening Standard

Image Source: Evening Standard

It is important to me [you] all. I know that some of [you] feel that [your] feelings are invalid, and I am sorry for this. I never intended to defend anyone’s actions, ”he wrote in a long Twitter thread in July. “Everyone hates being so drained that it’s hard to manage. I never wanted to dispel ANYONE’s feelings but remember that we need to keep everyone’s feelings in mind. I apologize that you all felt that I somehow felt you. ”

He said, “I am sorry if any of my actions offended you, whether it was protecting anyone or something else.

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