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Major Update For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3: Director Says The MCU Movie Will Not Be Postponed

It looks like James Gunn is going full power again the pandemic situation as yet still he mentions that plans for Guardians Of The Galaxy have not changed due to Coronavirus.

Earlier, James talked about Suicide Squad not being affected by the pandemic situation and now its Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Fans have been waiting for the release of Guardians of The Galaxy 3 ever since the news came out, and first two movies have been a massive hit, and James has made it clear that the release date of the film will not be affected by Coronavirus.

However, many upcoming Hollywood projects have been put on hold due to the global pandemic situation.

Many movies like Mulan, No Time to Die, and F9 have been delayed, and their ongoing production has been on hold. A lot of Marvel’s phase four movies like Black widows have also suffered as the release date has gotten changed from May to November.


James has become of the few directors who come forward on social media break the news about their upcoming project, recently James was asked about Guardians of The Galaxy’s schedule on Twitter by a fan.

His response to it is:

Guardians of The Galaxy has not yet received an official release date, and fans are worried that the movie will get affected due to the lockdown.

However, the movie is not going to be released before the summer of 2024 or 2024, which gives the film an ample amount of time. According to James, the movie is not supposed to go in production for another year, so it is unlikely that the release date of Guardians of The Galaxy will get hampered due to the pandemic.

We will update you when we get an official release date of the movie till then keep reading!

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