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Lord Of The Flies: The Movie Adaptation Of Classic Novel Is In Operations

Reportedly, another critically acclaimed novel is all set to get its own film adaptation. While the work is still in their very early stage of development but fans would surely be excited to know the rest of it.

Classic Novel Lord Of The Flies Is Getting It’s Very Own Film Adaptation! Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, the classic novel Lord Of The Flies is all set to get a film adaptation and a director is already on board for the project. Critically acclaimed director Luca Guadagnino is reportedly in negotiations to direct with Warner Bros. The studio giant has been trying to get the movie off the ground since 2017, right when it reacquired the rights to the classic novel.

The Film Might Be Happening Under The Warner Bros. Studio.

Warner Bros. had earlier held some rights to the classic novel, as it was Warner Bros. that most recently adapted the novel with Henry Hook’s 1990 film as well. However, the negotiations are still ongoing with Geneva Robertson-Dworet in negotiations to executive produce the film as well.

As the story is quite well popular and known amongst readers, it revolves around a group of schoolboys who under unwanted circumstances to get stranded in a deserted island and with time and in order to survive soon descends into a savage social order. The initial plan for the film adaptation was to replace the group of boys with a group of school girls. However, the idea was eventually scrapped and the makers decided to stick to the original story.

Critically Acclaimed Director Luca Guadagnino Is Being Eyed To Direct The Film.

While there’s no official announcement as the project is still in early stages. However, it is rumored that if everything goes as planned the filmmaker is planning to stay close to the story with a contemporary twist added to it. As we know, Luca is no stranger to the novel to film adaptations. However, there’s a lot of other projects that the filmmaker is associated with at this moment so the wait is going to be a long one with this film it seems.

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