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Legend Of Zelda Live Action: Netflix Seeks Tom Holland As Lead

Legend Of Zelda Live Action. TV Shows and Films based on video games now have become a love affair for Netflix. Netflix is continuously adapting video games for TV Shows and Films. Like, Castlevania, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and The Witcher these all TV series were adapted from video games by Netflix. Now the latest video game is ready to join the franchise of fantastic TV Shows and Films which is The Legend Of Zelda. Netflix is planning a Live-Action Movie based on this game Legend Of Zelda.

Here Are Some Updates Regarding The Live-Action Movie By Netflix Legend Of Zelda.

Is Tom Holland Being Eyed For Latest Game Adaption Movie Legend Of Zelda?

Netflix has made it another mark of making TV shows and films based on Video Games. Netflix And Nintendo both the big houses are planning to make a filming which will be the adaption of the famous video game The Legend Of Zelda.

Some rumors are being spread that Tom Holland will be a part of the Movie. Netflix is looking at Tom Holland for the role of Link.

Officially it is not confirmed but some sources have managed to get the information of this. Grace Randolph tweeting that it’s indeed true, but it’s still early, early days.

Netflix officially has not announced that will they cast Tom Holland for the role or not yet, but We Got This Covered confirmed it. And the tweet of Grace Randlph and Caleb Williams is pointing the same which says that Tom Holland is being eyed for the role in the famous video game adaption movie Legend Of Zelda.

But as Grace Randolph said its too early to say what will happen and what not, it’s still not confirmed that Tom Holland will join the cast of the movie or not.

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