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Las Vegas Man, 36, Facing Murder Charges For Shooting Neighbours To Death

A man is accused of killing his neighbor because of some ongoing feud between them

Las Vegas police said a 36-year-old man faces two murders after confessing that he killed his neighbors because of the ongoing conflict.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say Andrew Cote called 911 on Thursday to inform him that he had killed his neighbors.

The victims were pronounced dead on the scene

The officers who answered the call found a man and woman who were killed in their courtyard. Their deaths were announced on the scene.

Police determined that Cote had had a constant conflict with his neighbor, the woman, and that the two of them were in the discussion early in the afternoon.

Cote argued with his neighbors and later shot them

Police say Cote confronted his neighbors when they were in the backside of their house later that night and shot him.

Investigators have not recognized the victims yet

The victims have not been identified.

It is unclear whether Cot has a lawyer who can comment on his behalf. Cot will be facing first-degree and second-degree charges and charges for jeeping illegal weapons.

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