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Killer In The Guest House: Know More Abour Latest Flick

The mystery film looks at the same concept as a spontaneous decision to invite a stranger to your house.

Often a specific scenario calls for us to take drastic action and not to let us see how it impacts our lives. This suspense movie investigates how an alleged decision to invite a stranger to your house can turn risky.

Lifetime is an American primary cable channel that is owned in common by Hearst Communications and the Walt Disney Company, Lifetime Entertainment Services, a subsidiary of A&E Networks. It involves programming targeted at women or women in leading roles. Over 93.8 million households in America view Lifetime.

Release Date:

Let the suspense unfold, and how Gina is defending herself from her attacker as the film premiers at 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 26, at Lifetime only.

Cast Details:

The cast of Killer In The Guest House includes:

  • Chelsea Hobbs
  • Marcus Rosner
  • Mathew Kevin Anderson
  • Corina Bizim
  • Aidan Kahn
  • Sharon Taylor
  • Mark Humphrey

The main protagonist, Gina, plays Chelsea Hobbs. She is a Canadian actor who has been featured in many popular TV shows and advertising.  She is famous for her roles in Make It or Break It, Snow Queen, Beach Girls, Pasadena, The L Word, UnREAL, etc.

Marcus Rosner plays antagonist Mark’s part. His acting career began in 2012. He’s a Canadian actor. Many of his most impressive roles include appearances in popular TV shows such as Unreal, Arrow, Supernatural, and Once Once Upon a Time just to name a few.

Plot Details:

The ‘Killer in the Guest House’ tells the story of Gina, a hard-working photographer, who rents out her guest house for financial support but is the greatest mistake of her life.

In the official synopsis of the network, Gina, a struggling photographer, is forced to rent out her guesthouse to pay the mortgage. As her new client, Mark, a hunky pilot, turns out to be a dangerous and feminizing conman, Gina is in the shoot of her life.’ Would she be able to exaggerate her adversary and get her back to life?

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