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No Ceilings 3: Lil Wayne Confirms Arrival!

Lil Wayne has been in a rape fit ever since Cash Money took him away from Leash. Now, it looks like VG is ready to revive its proprietary mixtape piece by adding it to a well-known series. During a recent show on ESPN, Lil Wayne spoke about upcoming projects that are underway. The rapper assured fans that Tha Carter VI will arrive soon, but first, he wants to give them a special gift.

Lil Wayne has created a fan heart base that today brings you through mixes that bless you with free music. While this is a solid competition plan for most rappers working to rap, Lil Wayne never ceased promoting free music for his fans when he was at the crown of his career. The best example of this is the first unsealed combination of Weezie.

No Ceilings 3 by DEUCÉ on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

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About the Arrival

In October 2009, Beyonce didn’t have a rapper on the green earth who was warmer than Lil Wayne. Veazie spread the music with her Grammy-winning album Th Carter III after setting it ablaze with mixtapes and performances. While most artists would build on this success, Wayne was ready to climb to his rightful place as a rap-rock star. But before turning its attention to reincarnation, VG returns to its hip-hop roots, releasing a mixtape, which plays “Beats for Beats” on No Seals.

For 20 songs, Wayne broke the instrument of every hot rap song (or R&B record). Wayne also gave fans an original record for song number 21 “Single,” which became one of his signature hits. It’s safe to say no seal was a success and not so much since the high school basketball warm-up tape. Wayne then worked on the very popular sequel, No Sealings 2, and is now filming for Teen Pete.

With No Ceilings 3 and Tha Carter VI announced, Weezy claimed that he and 2 Chainz would also be bequeathing Collegrove 2 in the near expectation. This came after the release of Chanz’s single, “Money Maker,” featuring Junichi.

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