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Keanu Reeves: Are Those Ghost Rider Casting Rumors True?

Is Keanu Reeves finally joining the MCU? Let’s find out!

The John Wick star is one of the finest actors in Hollywood, and we adore him, he is a Canadian actor, producer, and musician.

Keanu Reeves joining the Marvel is an age-old rumor, but this time it could be accurate as new rumors that have surfaced the internet say that Reeves could be seen as the latest possible Ghost Rider.

Marvel Studious has been desperately trying to cast Reeves in one of their movies for years now, and fans will go crazy if that is to come true with Reeves playing the iconic character of Johnny Blaze!


Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, recently has a meeting with Keanu Reeves, where he mentioned that Marvel is planning a reboot for the anti-hero, Ghost Rider, in the MCU.

This MCU project could be the largest project of the year, Reeves playing the character of Johnny Blaze would be a sight for sore eyes and fans will go crazy.

However, we do not have an official update on this, and we should wait until Keanu or MCU come forward to address the fans as to what they are planning.

Like all the projects, this one will also have to wait for the pandemic to settle down as the news updates and production will depend on the situation going around globally.


  1. GALACTUS: Galactus is one of the most badass villains in Marvel Comics.
  2. MOON KNIGHT: Moon Knight draws his powers from the moon. Beginning as a villain, he ultimately ends up on the right side.
  3. NAMOR: Namor, the sub-mariner, is Marvel’s version of Aqua Man.
  4. ADAM WARLOCK: Mad scientists created Adam Warlock.
  5. GHOST RIDER: A reboot of the famed anti-hero.

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