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Justice Society Of America: DC In Talks To Develop A Live Action Movie

It seems like while the DC Studios have quite a year planned ahead with some highly anticipated films and series on its way, the studio is looking forward to assembling yet another team of DC Superheroes. Who is these new team of superhero ready to make a kickass entry? Let’s find out for further details.

DC Is Planning To Develop A Justice Society Of America Movie Soon Enough! Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, DC studio is looking to develop a movie starring the Justice Society of America. DC fans Might be aware of the JSA as the original superhero union originating from the Golden Age of Comics in the 1940s. Not only that but some of the best superheroes are expected to form the team including Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Sandman, Spectre, and Doctor Fate.

The Team Might Make An Appearance In The Upcoming Black Adam Movie.

The first seed of this team will be based in the upcoming DC movie Black Adam. As we already know that both Atom Smasher and Stargirl are reportedly going to make an appearance in the film. DC is also planning to make a Stargirl TV series which will make the team appear for recurrent roles and making maybe a crossover project is also on the way.

Upcoming movie Black Adam is one of the most highly anticipated films under the DC banner, so expect quite a few more appearances from the Justice Society team. Moreover, Dwayne Johnson revealed in an exclusive interview that the film will introduce fans to the Justice Society Of America.

Dwayne Johnson Himself Has Teased The Possibility Of The Justice Society Team Coming Together.

While this is just mere speculation while no additional details have been provided yet. There are talks going on but the project is on its early stage of development. We will get to see a sneak peek of the the whole team when some of the members will make an appearance in the Black Adam movie has hinted by the lead actor himself. So it seems like another fierce team is on its way to save the world from the bad guys.

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