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Jurassic World 3: Sam Niell Spills Exclusive Details! Teases Updates

The Dinosaurs will be back! Isn’t that great news, ofcourse it is. Jurassic World has since our childhood given us some amazing movies, and we just cannot have enough of it. We have only heard of dinosaurs existing in the early times and that they got extinct. But through this film, we actually got a real sought of experience with brilliant filming and usage of technology as to how these giant creatures would be those times. And now we know that another addition to the franchise is soon to hit the big screens titled Jurassic World: Dominion.

Release Date Of Jurassic World 3 Finally Released

It is slated for a June 11, 2024 release. The filming for it began in February 2024, and one of the schedules got completed. However, the next schedule and in total, the whole film was put on a halt after the outbreak of the ongoing Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic.

Jurassic World 3
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Production Details Of Jurassic World 3

We know that is isn’t the first film getting affected, but it is a hugely problematic situation for the entire cast and crew since the release is just next year. But not to fear since one of its actors spilt the beans on the film’s latest development and you are surely going to be excited.

San Nielle On Jurassic World 3

Actor and one of the members from the original cast Sam Nielle who shared the latest developments taking place on the film. The main worrisome part is that the film should timely restart its filming, and this is what Sam told his fans. He stated that the filming has begun in July 2024, and hopefully, by taking the necessary precautions, it will get completed well in time.

Cast Of Jurassic World 3

Also, he, along with the original film cast which includes;

  • Laura Dern,
  • BD Wrong,
  • Isabella Sermon,
  • Justice Smith,
  • Omar Sy,
  • Jake Johnson along with others once again coming back to reprise their roles.

Sam also reminisced his days of shooting by waking up early morning in the pinewood forests and having a good time as well. Well, this is great news, and we feel that it is not going to get any delays.

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