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John Boyega Tessa Interest To Star In ‘Bad Boys 4’

The 27-year-old Star Wars star John Boyega has fallen us into breakdown after insinuating a British version of Bad Boys, with Daniel Kaluuya.

John liked Bad Boys For Life very much

And we have never required anything more in life. It all kicked off when the actor kindly tweeted about how much he liked Bad Boys For Life, with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

A journalist flew into the responses, pressing the Star Wars star on whether he’d think featuring in the sequel – which is clearly already in the works.

‘will you appear in Bad Boys 4? We would very much like to see that,’ the reporter questioned.

Citing the tweet in question, John answered: ‘Call Kaluuya! We can hold it down in the UK.’

Anyone get us Daniel’s number quickly. Right on lead, fans went to throw their own views at the actor for the action continuation.

A user advised on twitter: ‘Boyega and Kaluuya in a buddy cop movie is someone I need immediately. Maybe get Idris as the villain?’

Then a follower responded: ‘On some real, I need you and Daniel Kaluuya to do a project together.’

One commented, ‘Imagine John, Will, and Martin in the same movie y’all.’

‘Make a British version, call it Mad Lads,’ another responded. We favor Bad Bruvs, but whatever serves for you.

John has been sincerely engaged of late, running all our thoughts in the Star Wars franchise.

However, he took the time out of his hectic schedule to share a clip of the moment he amazed his parents with a home, making him all-round son aims.

Taking the cameras with, the star praised us all with a flash into the moment he gifted Abigail and Samson with their new house some years before.

John had other ideas in mind

The duo believed they were going for an ‘interview’ at the expensive property, but John had other ideas in mind.

He revealed, ‘On behalf of myself I’d like to say thank you for everything that you’ve done and I decided to do a secret project for a few months, and I’m here to tell you that there was no interview, that was a lie, this is the house that I am presenting to you.’

‘This is your new house, it belongs to you. ‘It’s your prayers that have got this. Because the skill and the ability that I have received have been from your prayers’

‘Honestly from the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much for everything you have done.’ 

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