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James Gunn Spills Some Brutal Words For Thanos

Thanos is one of the MCU’s most famous villains. Although his plan to eliminate half of all life in the universe is undoubted, to an extreme, the Mad Titan has a surprisingly full advantage that humanizes him. Also, their concerns about overpopulation are strong. This is all a Thanos conspiracy to lure many fans. You all can’t remember, “Thanos was right.”

James Gunn Statement Regarding Thanos-

However, who is not a fan of Thanos, Guardian of the Galaxy guard James Gunn, who had some strong words to say about the villain in a recent tweet. At first, a fan asked him a few questions about Gunn’s first 6-year-old Marvel movie, to which he replied.

However, due to some confusion with Gunn’s numbers, some users felt that the director was saying that Thanos was “upset, but that he had a good soul” when he was talking about Yondu. When a fan praised his assessment of tyranny after Gunn’s tweet, the filmmaker made his position clear. “F**k before adding Thanos, he told that its Yondu, not Thanos,” he explained.

Other details on it:-

Not surprisingly, Gunn is not a guardian of Thanos. After all, his Guardian films did not portray Titan decently. He had a supporting role in the original and was described as arrogant and ruthless, while he has mentioned several times with Gomora and Nebula in the second, how horrible and abusive his parents are. Avengers: Infinity War again portrays Thanos as a genuinely loving Gomorrah, but it’s unclear how it wouldn’t look that way.

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