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In Louisiana, The Purge Movie Siren Used To Signal Curfew, Later Cops Apologize

Crawley police, Louisiana issued an apology for using the sirens heard in “The Purge” to indicate a curfew at 9:00 local time that was effective due to a coronavirus outbreak (via NME)

The curfew prevented citizens from leaving their homes between 9 pm and 6 a.m. The police department said the curfew was effective because the city is located in the state’s Acadia parish, which received the worst ratings for the rapid spread of the virus. It has room to spread out and slow it down.ghtfr5 People who travel or work must have documentation from their employer.

The alarm used by police earlier this month was the same alarm that was heard in “The Purge”, a 2013 horror thriller by James Demonko about a fictional America where for one night he would commit any crime, including murder. It becomes legal for a period of 12 hours. In “The Purge” an alarm is heard indicating that murder and crime may spread. The first “Purge” movie starred Ethan Hawke and started a franchise that includes three follow-up movies and a series on the USA Network.

Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard said in a statement to local ABC News affiliate KATC

That he was unaware of the sign that the sign used for the coronavirus curfew was the same as heard on “The Purge”. The chief assured the citizens that the “purge” siren would not be used again. The siren caused quite a stir because Acadia Parish Sheriff K.P. made an additional statement. Gibson

Police Department of Crowley has used Purge siren as there curfew.

He said: ‘We have received many complaints with the complaint that our agency was involved in this process. We were not involved in the use of ‘purge sirens’ and would not use any type of siren for this purpose. Calls on this matter should be directed to the Crawley Police and Brussels Chief and not to the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office. “

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