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Idris Elba As The New James Bond? Rumor Alert

IDRIS Elba has taken to Twitter to reply to rumors that he might be the following James Bond.

Along with a selfie, the actor wrote, “My name is Elba, Idris Elba” with the photo, citing 007’s infamous shape.

But when fans started getting excited that Wire Star would be in the role of Daniel Craig, Idris tweeted a few hours later: “Don’t believe HYPE.”

Buzz has grown over the past week that 45-year-old British star, franchise producer Barbara Broccoli, told director Antoine Fuqua that she believes “it will eventually happen” that they will play non-white actors, the new British superspies. Paper.

So whilst is the approaching James Bond film is releasing?  

Instead of April 2, 2024 in the UK, it is now November 12, 2024. Interestingly, this is less than two weeks before the Black Widow’s launch in early November. American fans still have to wait: November 20, 2024

Producer Michael G. A statement on the delay on behalf of Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said the setback only came “after careful consideration and an in-depth assessment of the global theatrical market.”

The storyline of the James Bond: No Time To Die:

James Bond eventually retired, five years after Supernast Stavro took over Blofield, but like his other attempts to retire, it didn’t last long. He is approached by his old friend Felix Leiter, who, as a CIA agent, returns to the Casino Royale to help discover the missing scientist Waldo Obrushev, whose kidnapping leads Bond to a terrorist. The plot is unraveled, which could devastate the world as he knows it, putting it back in business.

The official trailer of the movie:

The first full trailer for the film showcased a lot of what we already knew: we’re familiar with the character of Lynch, Waltz’s reunion with Blofeld, and Malek’s Safin which finally features some new clues about the plot. Get to see. Bond rode into the sunset with Madeleine Swann de Pseudoux at the end of Spector, but the two never seemed to find happiness.