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How to Make Your Legal Site Stand Out?

The private legal services industry has always been highly competitive in the United States. This pattern is due to high consumer demand. But today, with the whole world undergoing significant transformations and all spheres of life transitioning to digital format, the pressure to stand out in this competitive field is felt even more sharply.

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic and quarantine measures, work, shopping, banking, digital leisure, and other activities on the internet have gradually become commonplace for us all. Legal services are no exception. Law firms and notary offices will always be in demand, so you must make sure that you can still meet the demand, regardless of the circumstances around the world.

Therefore, your legal business has to have a good website or online application for providing your services. Your website needs to work almost like an official office on the internet that represents your services and effectively meets the needs and wishes of your clients. If done properly, your online presence can give you the advantage to get around your competitors and grow your client base.

What content is worth having on your legal website in order to attract new customers and maintain the interest of your regular clients? What information is most important and necessary for posting on your web resource? What needs to be added to your legal site in order to be different from many similar ones? Let’s try to figure it out together! We have selected several effective tips that you may find useful!

A book is judged on its cover!

Today, thanks to resources such as WordPress and other similar ones, almost everyone can create their own one-page website or professional blog.  However, even for an information site, it is necessary to pay attention to design requirements, layout and markup of text content, font selection, and other standard important recommendations.

The first impression of any visitor to your site will be based on how your site looks. Therefore, in order to prevent your potential customers from wanting to quickly leave your site, take care of the appearance of your home page. Style and aesthetics are important for the perception and positive attitude of users.

Your site needs to be inviting and attractive. Use the corporate colors of your company in the page design. Any text should be readable and legible. Try not to use annoying combinations of colors and shades for text, background, and design elements. Avoid using overly artsy and weird fonts for large blocks of content.

More clear! More affordable! More transparent!

If your site contains many tabs and several sections, it is very important to make sure that the site navigation is convenient for the visitor and the interface is intuitive and easy to manage. Demand from your developers that all pages of the site be made in a single design and that content and documents are easy to scroll.

The architecture of your site should be built in such a way that users can immediately find what interests them. If you use templates or any forms or documents on your web page, make sure that these electronic documents are converted into a universal format, such as PDF, for example.

Give your potential customers the most comprehensive information. If you provide a range of legal services, then tell in detail about each option. Clients must understand what they are paying you for and what they will receive in the end. If you specialize in providing one specific service, such as, for example, online divorce, provide clients with a clearly defined price list and various service packages with prices.

Increase the level of client trust!

Your future customers are more likely to remain on your site and choose the services of your company if they can make an informed choice based on the analysis of information available on your site. It is important for users to feel like they are dealing with living people, not robots, and that they can be consulted by real experts, not algorithms.

So how do you increase the level of trust with your clients and demonstrate your law firm as an effective professional service? Tell visitors about the lawyers at your firm. Include their real photos and professional biography. The line between the service and the client needs to be erased as much as possible!

Other ways to increase trust include adding a map to the site with the specific location of your office and the legal address of your company. This visualization of your real activity adds credibility. Also, make sure that your site publishes actual reviews and recommendations from real clients who have already used the services of your law firm. A significant number of potential customers will make their choice about the service based on the comments of other users!

Great customer service is extremely important!

A main and decisive factor that determines a customer’s choice in favor of a particular service is undoubtedly that service’s attitude towards its clients! Be sure to consider the fact that people often seek legal help in difficult life situations. They can be confused and emotionally vulnerable, therefore, they need qualified support and attention like never before.

Loyal customer service will automatically add points to your online platform. Having an active hotline will be a huge plus for your law firm, and an online chat for consulting will bring your website to the big leagues and help you stand out from your competitors. Your future clients will be grateful for the legal support or advice, and in turn, will feel safer and more confident about the end result!

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