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New Jersey Woman Has Been Accused Of Fatally Beating His Wife To Death

Mayra Gavilanez-Alectus is the New Jersey woman accused of beating his wife and later fleeing the scene. She was arrested in Houston, on May 20.

The Victim Was Found Dead On May 17

The person in question, Rebecca Gavilanez-Alectus, was discovered dead on May 17 inside the couple’s loft along Creek Road in Brick Township. The Ocean County Medical Examiner decided that Death was a murder.

The examiner’s office noted in a public statement that “further examination at last established that Mayra Gavilanez-Alectus did cause the victims’ passing” and that a warrant was given for her arrest. Examiners didn’t expand on what proof prompted that end.

Her Death Was listed As Suspicious.

The police discovered Rebecca Gavilanez-Alectus‘ “dead body” in an upstairs room. Her Death was delegated “suspicious” until the officials played out an investigation and decided the reason of Death was murder.

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office clarified in news that examiners found a “round and hollow holder utilized to chill wine” and that the thing “was used in the commission of the homicide.”

A representative for the investigator’s office, Bryan Huntenburg, affirmed to the Asbury Park Press that Mayra and Rebecca Gavilanez-Alectus lived respectively at the condo. He said it was the division’s “understanding” that the two ladies were hitched. Specialists have said they are certain that Mayra Gavilanez-Alectus caused the casualty’s passing.

Gavilanez-Alectus Accused Of Murder With Other Charges Too

Gavilanez-Alectus has been accused of murder. She likewise faces two optional charges: Unlawful Possession of a Weapon and Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose.

Gavilanez-Alectus was named a criminal after the victims’ Death was administered a murder. As per Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer, Gavilanez-Alectus first ventured out to New York City. Block Township in New Jersey is situated around 70 miles south of midtown Manhattan.

From that point, she went out-of-state on transport. On May 20, she was arrested in Houston, Texas. Examiners state the FBI, the United States Marshals Service, and the Houston Police Department were engaged with finding and securing her. No different insights regarding her arrest have been shared, or data about where she may have been remaining in Houston.

Records show Gavilanez-Alectus set up for the Harris County Jail on May 21. A court date Is booked for May 26.

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