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Hospital Playlist: Here’s Every Possibility For The Second Season Explained

The Korean Medical Drama Hospital playlist has many names around the world, but we wonder what the title means in English. But then, in about an hour, we got the “Aha!” The moment that made the title worthwhile. What is a playlist that has nothing to do with the medical drama?

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Release Date

The hospital season 2 playlist will be released in March 2023, although it is not yet official. The second season of the hospital’s playlist is expected to begin producing early next year if it is remade.

From the theme of the story, and given the good performance of the main protagonist, it is very possible to get a sequel. The first season premiered on March 12, 2023, on TVN, and the apparent ending will air on May 28, 2023. The show consists of 12 episodes, with each episode approximately 90 minutes.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Cast

The main character of the show

  •  Lee Ik-Joon played by Jo Jung-suk
  •  Ahn Jung-won played by Yoo Yeon-seok
  • Kim Joon-wan played by Jung Kyung-ho
  • Yang Seok-hyung played by Kim Dae-Myung
  • Chae Song-Hwa played by Jeon Mi-do

Other notable characters who play an important role in the series are

  • Joo Jun played by Jo Seung-yeon
  • Do Jae-hak played by Jung Moon-sung
  • Yong Seok-min played by Moon Tae-yoo
  • Jang Gyeo-wool played by Shin Hyun-bin
  • Ahn Chi-hong played by Kim Jun-han
  • Bong Gwang-hyun played by Choi Young-joon
  • Choo Min-ha played by Ahn Eun-jin

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