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Here’s What Zack Snyder Revealed About The Upcoming Movie Wonder Woman 1984

Justice League director Zach Snyder revealed that he had seen the Wonder Woman expected since 1984 and though she was “amazing.”

Zack Snyder React Wonder Woman 1984

Zack Snyder recently revealed that he watched Wonder Woman 1984 and liked the film. The much-anticipated film was directed by Patty Jenkins, who wrote the film with Geoff Johns. fada. In Wonder Woman 1984, Gal Gadot played the main character previously played by Diana Prince in Batman v Superman (2016), Wonder Woman (2017), and Justice League 2017.

With the Justice League Snyder’s Cut trailer recently released online, Snyder is once again firmly positioned in the entertainment arena. Snyder’s Cut is slated for release on HBO Max in 2024 and despite facing many hurdles, Snyder is still considered important to the architect and the DCEU franchise. Although his participation in recent DC Comics films has waned, he remains a producer With eight films to release until.

Wonder Woman 1984's latest trailer reveals Kristen Wiig's Cheetah ...

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What Zack Say After Watching Wonder Woman

During the DC FanDome Justice League panel, which aired online this past weekend, Zack Snyder featured short interview segments with the stars of the popular movie. In response, Zack Snyder revealed that he had seen Wonder Woman 1984 and that he loved Gadot’s performance in the film. Read a snippet from the interview below:

Much has been said about the new film Wonder Woman. Prince Diana will certainly give him the Golden Eagle armour, which will be very exciting for fans. However, Wonder Woman 1984 cannot make any direct reference to the Justice League or the DCEU, as the producers wanted to focus on Diana’s story and Themyscira’s origins.

Snyder offers much more than the Wonder Woman he did in the 2017 cut from the Justice League, so it will be interesting to see what Diana Prince will look like between the two versions of the film.

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