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Here’s What Paramount Said About Future Star Trek Movies

According to Giant Fracking Robot, Paramount was rumored to have released Star Trek 4, with projects by Quentin Tarantino and Noah Hawley. However, the study confirmed that the display says it is wrong.

Tarantino presented the idea for his movie Star Trek to J.J. Abrams, in 2017, called it “Pulp Fiction in Space” and described his approach as definitely R-rated. Meanwhile, Hawley envisions a movie closer to the spirit of exploration of the original Star Trek series, but to emphasize the reason why that humanity has to unite to prevail.

Now it looks like another Star Trek awaits a big-screen reboot. The Giant Fracking Robot website, which previously broke the news of the new Trek Strange New Worlds series, has now been rejected by Paramount as Hawkley Trek and will in fact no longer be in the business of making any of the Trek movies. proposals under development.

Are the Star Trek Movies Cancelled or Not?
Source: Star Trek Guide

The expected release date of Star Trek 4:

As we mentioned earlier, it looks like Hawley’s movie will in the end be Star Trek four that we have got been waiting for the reason that launch of Star Trek Beyond in 2016. Whatever it is, it was reported in August 2024 that Hawley Paramount’s movie had no priority, apparently because it revolved around a devastating virus.

So what about the fourth Star Trek Beyond movie? We really have no idea, but Paramount hasn’t officially canceled it, so we can assume they are potentially still developing it.

The storyline of the Star Trek 4:

Initially, Captain James T. in the Star Trek 4 storyline. Kirk (Chris Pine) experiences a time-traveling reunion with his long-dead father, George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth), considered dangerous to the spaceship. USS Calvin of the Federation. During a fight with the Romulans at the beginning of Star Trek 2009.

Unfortunately, that plan had to come to an end when Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth left the negotiating table in late 2018, reportedly for monetary reasons.

The cast of the Star Trek 4:

  • William Shatner as James T. Kirk
  • George Takei as Hikaru Sulu
  • DeForest Kelley as Leonard Bones McCoy
  • James Doohan as Montgomery Scott
  • Walter Koenig Pavel Chekov
  • Catherine Hicks as Gillian
  • Nichelle Nichols as Uhura
  • Jane Wyatt as Amanda Spock
  • Robin Curtis as Lt. Saavik
  • Mark Lenard as Sarek

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