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Here’s The Bulldog Who’s Sadness Is Going Viral All Around

The new coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc worldwide. To prevent further spread of the virus, people engage in social unrest and stay home.

During this time, pets are also trapped in the home and face unprecedented times in their own way. One dog, in particular, has attracted the attention of the Internet.

We are talking about Big Poppa, a three-year-old English bulldog

Who is going viral due to his strange misery? A photo of Big Poppa or Pop who is sitting in the patio of his house and looks very sad has gone viral on Twitter. And it seems that social media users are related to ‘hard’ weather.

Pop’s owner Rai Elle wrote on Twitter to share the image with the caption: “Big Poppa is very sad today, I think he missed playing with the kids in the building. He just watches them from the yard.”

According to her, Poppa loves children more than anything, so he was unhappy.

She also shared another Pop video in which she can be seen sitting on her bed. According to Elle, she ordered the bed during the lockdown, but it was too small. However, Popa liked it a lot and did not get out of it.

Check out the cute image of Poppa down below:

There are few videos to check out those:

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