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Here Are The Top 5 Best Anime Movies On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been known for its interesting movies and series. Amazon Prime is also famous for the streaming of anime movies and series. Here are the top 5 anime movies and series you can watch in Amazon Prime:

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In a small village of Amestris, there live two brothers who are brought up by their mother. Their father was a talented alchemist, and their father left the family when they were quite young. The two boys knew only the love of their mother, and they were left heartbroken when their mothe died.

Having inherited the ability for alchemy from their father, who they understand next to nothing about, the two boys trained under Izumi Curtis to improve their knowledge. After exploring the world with their teacher, the two boys returned home to bring their mother back from the dead. But, tinkering with the fundamentals of nature is never a good plan, and the boys had to pay the price for it.

One of them was obliterated while the other boy lost his limbs. Now, they choose to leave their home back and become government-sanctioned alchemists and search for the legendary Philosopher’s stone. Soon, they found that they are not the only ones searching for the stone and that the government is not informing them everything, either. Also, the past border them when they learn secrets about their father.