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HBO’s ‘His Dark Materials’ Finishes Its First Season Journey, Here’s What We Know So Far

On Monday, HBO: “His Dark Materials” completed its first season trip!!!

With his Dark Material Trilogy, author Philip Pullman never underestimated children, that is, his childish character. They felt that they were more capable of intellectually and emotionally than the world used to throw at them. His dark material is a television adaptation of that trilogy.

At the end of the series, Lyra (Daphne Keane) travels north to find the man who thought he was her uncle imprisoned as something else. And now, with the corrupt bear king of Svalbard, her worst nightmare is to make her way with the armed forces.

The good news is that the ending is a bit more attentive than its predecessor. Nevertheless! These series have always demonstrated the drama of a family more than exaggerated compared to the consequent condemnation of religion so that in these last moments, it succeeds in those qualities.

At the beginning of the episode, Stelmaria studied Asriel’s calculations, and now We can’t stop thinking about the fact. Here are some events related to it.

• Reward all lighting designers for this episode. The laboratory adjacent to the dawn of Asriel is lit up as a sexy mermaid party. It provides the dreamlike quality of a full hour that is not necessary but is guaranteed. The lighting system had its character, and its presence moved me.

• When Asriel looks at Lyra burning on her shoulder … and then removes the glove from her teeth? By the time We knew that this program was trying to finish me personally.

  • Poor Thorold, a decent human being in a sea of ​​demons. Your questions about a toothbrush are heartbreaking.

• The fort of the LOL blanket in McPhail calls it “a kind of … transfusion”, and because everything came to the exit during this period.

  • When MacPhail bothers you for the first time, what are Colter and his demons doing? Is it suicide to worry about the monkey? Angry, some form of tantric masturbation? This mystery will haunt me for weeks.

So here we are, like Lyra and Pan, in their interstellar vortex of space-time, beyond the scope of the film, 200, over the unchanged area. The next story will only become more complicated.

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