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Mickey Rourke Challenges Elon Musk For A Bare Knuckle Fight

Mickey Rourke is taking over for Johnny Depp’s respect, hard Elon Musk to an exposed knuckle battle after the Tesla CEO kidded around an enclosure battle with the Pirates of the Caribbean over bits of gossip that the Musk had an unsanctioned romance with Depp’s ex-companion, Amber Heard.

Mickey Rourke Claims Elon Musk to Bare-Knuckle Fight

The Wrestler actor took to Instagram Monday to trouble his test: I have the higher idea if Elon Musk is in forestalling temper he can battle an individual his size, he composed. I’d readily love the likelihood to take you to secondary school, Mr.Tough (sic) man Elon Musk.

Mickey Rourke Wants To Fight Elon Musk (For Johnny Depp's Honor ...

Rourke’s atypical comments arrived after Musk made flippant comments to The New York Times of late while mentioned around Depp’s compromising comments nearer to him out withinside the on-screen character’s progressing defamation preliminary over withinside the U.K., which arrived amid claims he took part in an extramarital entanglement with Heard.

Mickey Rourke Is Taking Up For Johnny Depp’s Honor

I without a doubt turned out to be currently done taking part in an extramarital entanglement with Amber. At the same time, she got hitched to Johnny, that is certainly bogus, Musk expressed of the allegations made contrary to him, reporting his dating with the Aquaman on-screen character initiated handiest after her separation with Depp.

Other Major Updates

The SpaceX CEO furthermore denied having a trio with Heard and entertainer Cara Delevingne at Depp’s residential in Los Angeles, declaring, We did now no longer have the trio, you know. So I accept people expect this stuff is typically more prominent lustful than they are.

It Was asset on the start of the preliminary that the framework of Mr. Depp as a ‘companion mixer’ is thoroughly right and honest, reporting in an announcement, The sting of the articles is right – especially that [Depp] beat his life partner Amber Heard dispensing her to experience full-estimate hurt and from time to time principle to her dreading for her life.

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