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Hawkeye: Current Scenario Of Production And Expected Arrival On Disney Plus

While the Avengers Endgame saw the tragic end of some superheroes while some took voluntary retirement from the team, some will continue their journey of protecting the world through some kick-ass action. Let us take a closer look at how far the production is going for the standalone Disney series that is coming up!

Jeremy Renner Is All Set To Star In His New Standalone Series, Hawkeye!

With Marvel teaming up with Disney and creating several projects for their streaming service, Disney+, Clint Barton’s character ha also been picked up for a standalone series. Fans have already been pretty happy with the news as Barton’s backstory has already raised several speculations. So, with this standalone series, we will get to know more about him.

The Production Might Not Start From July As Speculated By Fans!

Along with WandaVision and The Winter Soldier shows, Disney has been prepping for the Hawkeye series as well. However, rumors are doing the round of the project getting a bit delayed. As it was initially expected, the production was supposed to start from July onwards. Take a look at this short teaser that Disney + released about all the superhero series.