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Harold & Kumar 4: Kal Penn Interesting In Doing A New Movie

Kal Penn was featured on a Television Critics Association panel for Today Sunnyside, the new NBC comedy that he stars in and co-produces. Penn will play the role of a maligned local politician, who finds a purpose that helps a group of immigrants pass their citizenship test. After the Sunnyside panel/movie requested Penn approximately the opportunity of rewatching his movie franchise, Harold and Kumar.

Penn performed the position of Kumar with John Cho as Harold in 3 films:

The third movie came out in 2011, so the last eight years have been the longest of any Harold and Kumar movie. However, Penn stated that producers John Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg have begun developing ideas for a fourth film.

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Source: Screen Rant

Each of Harold and Kumar’s first three films was released in theaters, helping the franchise (which was made for a total of $ 40 million) to earn around $ 116 million worldwide, but it was revealed. that tomorrow Pens want to see something else to add to the series if received. Here he explained about the variety:

I think this must be a dreamer because people like to watch [these movies] in the comfort of their own home at 2 pm on a Friday night, which is more ‘bi-capable’ of broadcasting than going to the movies.

The movies were memorable for their unique style of stoner racial humor, the fact that both leads belonged to minority groups, but without the usual stereotypes associated with Koreans and Indians, and those movies brought unexpected faces. In particular, Neil Patrick Harris appeared on the series as a drugged horoscope, and it was this performance that earned him the role of Barney in How I Met Your Mother.

Since leaving Harold and Kumar, the two lead actors have had busy careers in other movies and shows, so it makes sense that they would have a hard time getting back into a series that would be on the minds of the general audience.

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