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Harley Quinn: Finally HBO Max Gives Green Light For Season 3

WarnerMedia, announced with major changes to the DC Universe platform, said on Friday that the acclaimed animated series Harley Quinn will return for a third season. Twist: The subsequent batch of episodes will run solely on HBO Max.

Callie Cuoco took to social media to deliver dire news to fans, and we can only assume that she was also holding a glass of champagne similar to her character in the image below. (It is a champagne ion drink after all, which I think Jim Rash’s Riddler would love.

The expected release date of the Harley Quinn season 3:

On September 18, WarnerMedia announced the DC Universe streaming platform on DC Universe Infinity, an exclusive comic book service that would continue to provide Netflix-style access to the DC Comics library for subscribers. The change will take place on January 21, 2023.

In its original form, the DC Universe featured DC comics and TV shows and movies. Now, much of DC’s video library will migrate to HBO Max, including new seasons premiered exclusively on the HBO Max platform.

The storyline we can see in Harley Quinn season 3:

The season ends with a brutal police chase when Harley and Poison Ivy leave the scene of Ivy’s wedding to Kite-Man. Jim Gordon (police commissioner) who was raided intentionally to catch all the supervisors. Gordon’s chase by the two girls will likely continue into season 3.

However, Gordon is not the only person who hates Harley and Ivy. There will also be a chance for Doctor Psycho to return in Harley Quinn season 3. How they both broke their plans to take over the world. Harley Quinn season 3 may also be reminiscent of Darkseid. As he swore, he would “one day return and turn his planet into the land” after Harley’s offer was rejected. Whoever is following them, they both know what to do. And they will probably want to live their lives the way they want.

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