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Halloween Kills: Myers House Will Return In The Upcoming Horror Movie

Well, a new report has come out that says Halloween Kills is confirmed to feature the original house of Myers for the first time in many years.

House of Myers is to be featured in Halloween Kills!

David Gordon Green is the director as well as co-writer from the film Halloween released back in 2018, and he is going to continue his dive into this mythology that makes the 1978 first installment a timeless horror classic film.

David is all set to go even deeper in two follow-ups to the first direct sequel to Halloween that has ever happened in 40 years. Both of them are bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis in the role of Laurie Strode as well as the actress’s daughter and granddaughter.

Here is what will happen in this upcoming sequel!

This upcoming sequel is also bringing back Nick Castle to share a role with James Jude Carpenter again as The Shape. This is sort of an agreement to how Michael Myers is credited in the original Halloween.

Also, Anthony Michael Hall, along with Kyle Richards, has joined the cast list doing the part of grown-up versions of Tommy and Lindsey, respectively.

Green is diving deep into the Halloween franchise and bringing back our favorite characters!

Tommy and Lindsey are the two primary young targets of Michael Myers in the original film. As a conclusion, we can all say that Green is leaning into this vast franchise of Halloween and its best-known universe while taking it back to where it all started too.

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