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Greenland: The Disaster Movie Will Release In Cinemas In July 2024

Greenland movie is going to come out, and here is what we know about it!

Well, as all the movie geeks might know that Greenland is an upcoming film from America. The genre of this tale excels in the department of thriller and drama, while Ric Roman Waugh has directed it while Chris Sparling has served the task of the screenplay.

The cast list of Greenland is studded with stars. Dana Gonzalez has done the cinematography for this project. Down below, we have the production companies that have contributed their support to Greenland. They are;

  • Anton
  • Thunder Road Films
  • G-BASE

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The film has already been scheduled for a set release date. It is going to come out for all the fans of this genre to see on the 31st of July 2024, while the task of distribution has been handled very well by STX Entertainment. The reason behind the distribution is that back in March of 2019, all the rights to this task for the project were acquired by STX Entertainment.

Initially, the first release date of the film was of the 12th of June 2024, that is, today. But the unfortunate news of delay came to us as soon as the theatres were all shut down because of the pandemic, which has been created by the fatal Corona Virus. All the process in the entertainment industry has been shut down because of this reason only.

Here is what the plot of Greenland is all about!

The story of this upcoming tale throws the entire spotlight on a bunch of scientists who realize that a comet is going to hit our planet Earth just in a few days. If this happens, every form of life on the land, including humanity, is going to get destroyed.

However, they also come to discover that the only hope of survival is to take shelter in a group of bunkers that happen to be located in Greenland. The whole story will portray to us, the attempts of these protagonists, to get that shelter as soon as possible before time runs out and the humanity gets destroyed.

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