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Godzilla Vs Kong: Director Adam Wingard Shared Details For The Inspiration Behind Movie

Here is what Adam Wingard has said about his inspiration in the Godzilla vs Kong film!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the film franchise if Godzilla and Kong must be well aware of the fact that it has been quite some while since we first heard about the project starring Godzilla as well as King Kong against each other. All this while, it is so definite that the lovers of Kaiju must be so highly anticipated.

There was a piece of disappointment in between when we came to know that the film has been scheduled to release in 2023 and not soon. Not going to lie but that duration was the hardest to adjust for all the fans who have been waiting to get a hype up until the new year comes out with their favorite tale.

Here is what Adam Wingard posted on his Instagram about Godzilla vs Kong!

But as of right now, all the credits fall into the bag of director Adam Wingard who has shared a post on his official Instagram handle and it has sent all the fans into a deep process of uninterrupted thinking that whether this forthcoming Godzilla vs Kong is going to star a certain “cat” or not. Yes, you have heard that right. We have linked Adam’s post down below and if you do not believe us, feel free to check him out.

With a picture of cat Kaiju, Adam wrote down in his captions that there has been a lot of inspiration in his version of Godzilla vs Kong that comes from her (Kaiju). Well, this message was not a serious one because it was accompanied by an emoticon which is quite friendly and fun. Yes, that is right, it was a winking one.S o no one really knows if we should take this piece of information with certainty or not.

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