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Reality Z Season 2: Will The Show Return For Second Season?

Horror Dramas are such a treat to watch as they tend to create a sense of fear among the audience. However, these type of shows have their immense impact in the nighttime rather than daylight but still, they are pretty influential.

The initial season of Reality Z is none less than a roller coaster ride and the ten episodes miniseries were a total package in terms of entertainment. Now the audience is counting on the sequel season and they are desperately waiting for the confirmation of the second season.

Reality Z Season 2

However, there are many speculations regarding the sequel of the most anticipated Netflix original. The series inspired by Deadset and showed a different side of Reality shows, as far as the sequel is concerned, it is concluded that there won’t be a sequel to Reality Z.


As the most important factor taking into consideration, the show still requires the green light for the sequel season. However, cancelation speculations are on a high note as Netflix already decided to drop the series from its future lineup and doesn’t want to continue with another season.

Reality Z Season 2: Get To Know When Will It Release For Us

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Cancelation Details

However, there are many factors that led the show to its cancelation as there won’t be a proper storyline for the sequel. The show was a miniseries and the contestants are already dead, so there is no point in renewing the show without any proper source material or plans.

However, another huge reason might be Netflix’s insider program as the streaming giant is looking forward to new projects after the coronavirus pandemic. The deadly virus crippled the whole industry and there are several projects that are already left out of the plans by respective streaming giants and the process of revival depending upon various factors including platform switch.

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