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God Of War Movie: Jason Momoa Eyed For The Role Of Kratos

After spending a long time as the least attractive genre in Hollywood, blockbuster video game films will finally become a highly bankable commodity. Four of the top five video game cuts in history have been released since 2016, with Detective Pikachu the top spot at Warcraft last year, while Sonic the Hedgehog recently invested $300 million in its global box office.

If something in the film industry is good, a range of similar ventures usually grows rapidly afterward, with studio boardrooms all over the world littering with the remains of failed film universes. Gamers may end up being the industry’s new favorite target market, and we have now learned that the next movie theatrical treatment may be one of the most famous titles in recent years.

Jason Momoa As Kratos In God Of War Movie

Universal is keen to continue with a film by the God of War, and Jason Momoa is confirmed to play Kratos, both transparent and pretty fantastic casting. There is no word about the official approach of the actor, but a production document we got confirms that the studio is undoubtedly interested in him for his part.

While it would be strange to see Aquaman star playing a bald head, he has the requisite physicality and qualifications to play the role. A major fantasy-oriented blockbuster, in particular with the genre of video games that seems to transcend the stigma around it, has tremendous box office potential, and a God of War led by Momoa will probably have a mass appeal for both fans and the general public.

Dave Bautista As Ares

What we hear, however, is that they want Dave Bautista for Ares. The film is thus adapting the first God of War (2005), which showed us a bloody journey by the Greek pantheon by Kratos. His target in the game is the titular God of War, Ares, who has led him to kill his wife and daughter. The story will make a perfect film, but I hope that the games would take place and move to an older Kratos coping with the Northern gods for a while.

Bautista would make Ares good if they could snack him too, and if they pursue the first game’s story, then the final would be a hell of a sight.

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