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Final Destination 6: What Happened To The New Film? Here’s What Producer Said

Well, between the return of Halloween and Child Play, as well as Leah Whitnell’s recent success in rebooting The Invisible Man for a modern audience, it seems more like The hunger to re-imagine and resurrect is more vibrant than ever in the horror genre. A fan-favorite franchise planning to crawl around the corner is the final destination.

Here’s What Producer Said?

A year ago, it was announced that the final destination was in the works of 6 Saw writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston. Now Craig Perry, a producer on the franchise, teased what might happen to the next movie.

In Perry’s words: “We are making a place for ourselves in the world of first responders: EMTs, firefighters, and police and make decisions that can make people live or die. We rely on your good judgment, experience, and calm demeanor. We are thinking that the world can be an interesting way to arrive at a final destination film and that it can produce unique pieces in a very reliable way.

Final Destination 6 - Final Destination producer teases plot


Other Updates?

Well, this is a completely new way. The Final Destination franchise often revolves around a group of young men who find themselves trying to escape death after being involved in a major accident, speculation about their fate, and preventing it from happening. It seems Final Destination 6 aims to center the story of the lifeguards, who often have a life on their hands. This can definitely add a layer to the next movie. Final Destination original author Jeffrey Redick also teased the next film in the franchise, and couldn’t help but give a little account of one of the planned deaths. This is what he said:

Craig is the master of creating crazy openings and set pieces. He told me some things that happen in this and it’s going to be a lot of fun. It won’t feel like a cash end destination movie. The first film celebrated its 20th anniversary, and Devon Sava noted this striking resemblance between his current quarantined life and a scene from the film. In addition to another final destination, it was recently announced that Blumhouse was working on Paranormal Activity 7 and the directors behind Ready or Knot are screaming and rebooting the franchise.

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