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Dutch Golfer Almost Kills Girlfriend By His Failed And Miss Swing Golf Shot

The Dutch golf player – who as of late won the BMW Indoor Invitational – was being recorded attempting to master his skills in social distancing swings. But it does not go like what thought for.


The 34-year-old had been practicing around with his caddy, who tossed him a gold club from 1.5 meters away according to new coronavirus rules.

Luiten would then catch the driver and hit his shot in a solitary development; however his initial hardly any attempts saw world number 98 cleverly lighten his lines.

One Swing Brutally Hit His Girlfriend

After a few endeavors, he, in the long run, slants one swing and hits his girlfriend Melanie-Jane Lancaster, who had been shooting his practice.

Luiten quickly snatched his face with sickening apprehension as his accomplice shouted out in torment; however, luckily, she just experienced a cut in the occurrence.

He uploaded the video on social media writing: “Pfff playing golf with a caddy and keeping the 1.5m is hard.

Here’s What He Wrote

“Practically killing my sweetheart in the process (sic) attempting to ace social distancing shot (she endure, only a bruise).”

Fans found the clasp funny, with one answering: “haha extraordinary yet poor Melanie.” Luiten, as of late, asserted a two-shot win in the debut BMW Indoor Invitational.

He separated his £8,900 prize between his cause and a clinic in his local Rotterdam. Luiten won the remainder of his six European Tour occasions in February 2018.

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