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Doug Liman Appointed To Direct Tom Cruise’s Outer Space Movie

Fans were pretty much blown away when it was reported that a space movie is happening in, like an actual film with filming happening on Space in association with NASA. It seems like we have some more details about the space film. Let us look into the details.

Doug Liman Is On Board As The Director Of The Highly Anticipated Space Movie!

Apparently, a director’s name has finally popped up and he is going to be behind the camera, and it’s Doug Liman. This director is pretty much going to be where no director has ever been before and it’s space! The director will be teaming up with Tom Cruise on this action-adventure film which is to be shot in outer space that is being mounted independently (for now) and involves Elon Musk’s Space X and NASA.

The Movie Will Be Shot In Outer Space, Yes, You Heard That Right!

Moreover, it is not that Liman’s name came just vaguely as the whole project and the ideas where hatched Liman and Cruise. Liman is no stranger to great movies as he has himself directed quite a few including The Bourne Identity, Mr& Mrs. Smith, and Go and Swingers as well.

The outer space film project is already under development as Liman has already started writing the first draft of the screenplay and producing along with Tom Cruise. It was just a few days ago when NASA also confirmed their active participation in this whole film project.

When Is The Filming Going To Start On The Space Movie?

While the film is still under the early stages of development, not much has been revealed about the plot or any other details as of yet. However, Chris McQuarrie was also asked about the project speculative he also might be associated with the project in some way. However, now that we have the director’s name one detail is somewhat clear! Doug has teamed up with Cruise on several projects American Made and Edge of Tomorrows. So this pair is all set to create yet another magic and this time on space as it seems!

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