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Disney’s Mulan: What We Know So Far About The Live Action Movie

Disney is very active to present its new live-action stories. After in the treads of Dumbo and Aladdin, the second half of 2019 brought many real action stories of Your Lions, comprising The Lion King and Lady and Trump.

But the most thrilling sequels of all will not appear until the following year, Mulan, who has just launched his first invention. Accommodated from the popular 19-beloved film, Mulan serves a young Chinese lady who acts to be a man to replace her father in the military, and, it goes without stating that he is a cold burglar like a rock.

Mulan: Release Date

The movie creators officially confirm that Mulana will appear in the cinemas on March 27, 2022.

Do We Have The Trailer For The Movie?

Though you will not catch the voice of Christina Aguilera by “Reflection” in the new sequel, the trailer guarantees to provide us with an action-packed adventure film that gives respect to the original, near to the new story of the popular single.

Hear in it, Chinese star Liu Yeifei changes gracefully into Mulan, making a member of her family to work in the military instead of her ailing dad. As an animated film, it projects a kaleidoscope between pictures of struggling criminals and times of self-discovery. “We will bring honour to all,” he states ultimately.