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Disney Officially Postpones Release Date Of Mulan Due To Covid-19

Is it true? Disney Officially Postpones Release Date Of Mulan Due To Coranavirus!!!

Disney officially announced that their reinvention of live Mulan and the release of Antlers by Scott Cooper had been postponed due to the coronavirus. In what is becoming a growing concern for Hollywood, COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, continues to change the film landscape. Among all the effects of the disease in the industry, delays in movie release dates have become one of the most common.

MGM was the first studio to announce that they were changing the film’s release date due to coronavirus, as No Time to Die had been delayed seven months just weeks before its debut. Later, Sony outperformed Peter Rabbit 2 for several months. But, the continued spread of the virus has begun to change rapidly and to more releases as A Quiet Place Part II announced an indefinite delay and the global release of F9 was delayed throughout the year.

Disney announced that they had delayed a trio of summer movies as a result of the coronavirus, most notable for moving live-action Mulan’s. Originally slated to hit theaters in just two weeks, the movie now has no release date. He has also postponed the release of the horror movie Antlers, which was scheduled for release on April 17, and another delay on The New Mentors.

Although Disney announced the postponement of the release dates for these films…!!

Despite the fact that Mulan, Antler, and The New Mutants were not delayed with the new release dates, Disney provided some clarity on what the future holds. The specific mention of the theatre experience eliminates the possibility of any of these films being released on Disney + or Hulu. Although Disney announced the postponement of the release dates for these films, the notable exception is Marvel Studios’ Black Widow.

Scarlett Johansson’s solo film will debut in the first week of May, and Disney reportedly didn’t want to delay the film’s release a few days earlier. Plans are being made, and possibly also its launch in summer. But, after deciding to delay Mulan, Antler, and The New Mutants, it wouldn’t be surprising based on the Black Widow outfit, respectively.

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