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Dirty John Season 3: Crucial Details Regarding Sequel

However, it’s not less than just a week when Dirty John Season 2 got wrapped for hitting the screens, there are speculations for the third season already surfaced. It is obvious that if the previous season left out on something influential then the expectations regarding next season getting much higher than ever.

So we got you covered with every possible information about the third season of Dirty John.

Renewal Status

Just like it was mentioned it been just 4 days since the sequel season released. So making conclusions regarding the third season will be a matter of patience for the fans. So for your comfort, we are concluding the fact there is no official confirmation regarding the third season of the show. So the renewal is yet to be confirmed by the showrunners and the platform itself. However, showrunner Alexandra Cunningham signaled for a potential third season and asserted that ” We are going to have a long discussion regarding the next season soon.” 

Source: Open Paper

Expected Release Date

Imagine the renewal confirmation is on the cards and the show got the green light for the production phases. Then the release date of the show ultimately gets affected within the current scenarios of filming which is on the halt due to pandemic restrictions. So we could expect at least two or three months’ delay for the release of the third season. But if we have to run on assumptions and propose a release date, then the third season will likely release in September or later.

Story And Cast Speculations

It is evident that the show is an anthology series and thus each season stands for the standalone cast and story. So for the next season, there will be some string of changes to happen. Showrunner already decided on the theme of the next season and asserted some facts about it. There were speculations of some modifications in the locations of the incidents. So we could see next season happening in some other state than California.

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