Die Hard: What Happened To The Franchise?

When A Good Day to Die Hard was in development on the fifth entry in the Die Hard series, Bruce Willis made it well known that he wanted to remove the John McClane character in a sixth and final film. Len Wiseman has since signed on to Die Hard 6 for the Live Free or Die Hard director with the screenwriting team Chad and Carey Hayes writing the scripts.

Disney And 21st Century Fox Deal

The film is set to be a prequel called McClane, featuring Willis’ McClane icon and Holly’s wife in the 1970s, combined with their new counterparts. But since Disney had taken care of all Fox productions in the 20th century, are they still trying to bring McClane out for one last time? Well, Lorenzo di Bonaventura doesn’t even realize what is happening now.

Disney Liked The Script

Nonetheless, in a recent interview, he let us all know that Disney likes the new script. Lorenzo di Bonaventura said in particular about McClane: “I do not know what will happen there. I do not know what will happen there. It’s just up to them because they’re Disney’s now. My impression is that for a moment, they are discussing whatever they are debating. We don’t know anything about it. I don’t even know enough about their intentions to have any opinion. They like our story.”


As a big fan of the original Die Hard, I’m on the fence for another entry. John Moor was the newest entry in the show A Good Day to Die Hard. This film wasn’t a good one, and now I have a lot of trouble trying to find a new passion for McClane and his family. All that said, I am an eternal optimist when it comes to franchises, and I’m going to take the chance of another ho-hum entry if we are risky.

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Keep McClane R-Rated and make sure the young McClane gets right. I’m hoping-according to John McClane’s everyman character in the original film he was playing, let’s go this time around to someone like John Krasinski. I know Krasinski has recently become a star in action in his very own right, like the Amazon show Jack Ryan, but let’s let him channel some of that good old, everyman’s charm from the office and go from there.

Other Updates

To keep us all updated, the last thing we learned of was that in late summer 2018, Tobey Maguire joined the production team, and Wiseman still cast for a young version of John McClane. Live Free or Die Hard and A Good Day to Die Hard, Mary Elizabeth Winstead said she’d love to return in a future installment as a McClane and Holly’s daughter Lucy. Over time we’re going to have to see what shakes are free in this latest Die Hard movie.

What do you think?

Kane Dane

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