Death Note 2 Movie: Will There Be A Sequel On Netflix?

Some Mangas are so good that it got adapted into movies later, Death Note is one of the best animes. Death Note Movie did better on streaming giant Netflix, and now a sequel is speculated for the movie. Fans desperately want the sequel as there was no plot after the end of Light Yagami. So we got you covered with all the latest info regarding the movie sequel.

Death Note 2

However, there is no official confirmation for the sequel, but it is speculated that there will be a sequel for sure, and the project is under consideration. The man behind lens Adam Wingard is pretty busy with other potential projects like Godzilla vs. Kong and some others. He recently announced as the man in charge of I Saw The Devil.

Expected Release Date

Predicting release dates for the projects which haven’t been appropriately announced could be a significant setback. Moreover, there are not so many speculations regarding the sequel of the flick. But if we take a wild guess, then the flick will likely to arrive in the fall 2024 or later. Due to the busy schedule of on-boards members, it’s not easy to wrap up the flick in a year, and Coronavirus pandemic is acting as a massive barrier in the process of production phases.

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Trailer/ Teaser

It’s pretty disappointing, but there is nothing more than speculation regarding the sequel. We are not ruling out a possible trailer in a few months as soon as the announcement been made official.

Expected Storyline

The massive advantage of the sequel will be its plotline; fans will witness something that they never did with the Manga. So we can see what lies ahead after the death of Light Yagami as Ryuk is free now, and he will look for another one to hold the power of the book. So the noted drama will never finish, and it will be an endless cycle until Ryuk itself vanished from the world.

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