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Deadpool 3: Will Disney Make A R-Rated Version? Know Here

Here is what we know about the upcoming Deadpool film which will be R-rated!

Well, well, well, as all the people who are in love with the Deadpool movies might be well aware of the fact that actor Ryan Reynolds stars as the titular character in this franchise.

As of right now, news has come out that the upcoming film Deadpool, that is, its third installment, is set to be an R-Rated film but it is not going to be under Disney. Ha! This is shocking.

Fox has been bought by Disney but Deadpool will surely be rated R!

As all you guys know that the Deadpool franchise has become one of the most popular superhero films that have ever been made and that too in the category of films that lie under the R-rated factor.

The first two installments of Deadpool which were named Deadpool and Deadpool 2 all released while the rights were owned by Fox itself.

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Even though Disney does not have any films rated R, Deadpool will be an exception!

But the tables have all turned now because the Fox and its whole film studio has been bought by Disney and all of its content as well as the project has moved over to the production company.

This makes it a tough choice for the third Deadpool movie to be R-Rated because Disney does not contain any films of this content about superheroes. But now reports have revealed that Deadpool 3 is surely going to be R-rated.

Here is what Rhett Reese, the writer of Deadpool 3, has to say!

Rhett Reese, the person who is penning down the script of this third part of Deadpool said in an interview arranged for her that the film is surely going to be R-rated. He went on to say that he is sure because he does not think the new film will not be under the banner of Disney.

Well, obviously, Rhett does not think we will have some magic castles, that is, the logo of Disney that appears. He still believes that the whole bunch of movies is still going to be under the banner of Fox.

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