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Cyborg: Will The Solo Movie Happen? What’s About The Return Of Ray Fisher?

Here is what we know about DC not wanting to make a Cyborg film!

Well, well, well, as all you guys might already be aware of the fact that Justice Justice League should have opened up a whole new chapter for the DC Extended Universe.

But then it went on to have a commercial failure and all the troubles that took place behind the scenes left Warner Brothers so hyped up to brush this entire experience under a thick rug and move on. They did take this step by having a variety of solo superhero flicks instead.

Here is how the Justice League characters got their own outing but not Cyborg!

Some stars that were employed in the Justice League such as Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman whose role is reprised by actress Gal Gadot as well as Jason Momoa who enacted the character of Aquaman have gone on to create their own potential successful franchises.

Why Was Martian Manhunter Replaced by Cyborg as a Justice League Founder? | Fandom

But all this time, we have also seen that the rest of the members have nog been so lucky throughout. We saw how there still has been no update about the upcoming film of Cyborg and it turns out, there is a reason behind the silence.

Here is why we will never have a Cyborg film on our screens!

A fellow news media outlet called We Got This Covered has revealed that a source disclosed to them that Cyborg is never going to happen at this point in time. This is because the studio which was behind it supporting the film has zero ambitions left right now for the upcoming tale and in continuing the whole story of Victor Stone on the big screen.

This factor even includes featuring him in a potential cameo capacity oe maybe even in a film of some other hero. If we want yo put this out quite frankly, then you guys should know that this studio has zero interests about making any more projects with Fisher.

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