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Cobra Kai Season 3: Johnny Will Handle The Dojo Of Miyagi, As Per This Theory

Here is what we know about the new season of Cobra Kai with Johnny handing over the helm after betrayal!

Well, well, well, as of right now, a piece of weird news has come out for all the people who are in love with the series called Cobra Kai because its third season could see something happening which has not been thought by any person till now.

This something is that Johnny Lawrence, whose role has been reprised by William Zabka is going to become the sensei of Miyagi Do Karate.

Here is what might lead to Johnny giving over his Miyagi after Daniel’s betrayal!

As we all know that Johnny has spent most of his life till now by bleeding the black and yellow of Cobra Kai but at the end of the second installment of the show he comes to acknowledge the fact that his sinister sensei that is John Kreese whose character has been enacted by Martin Kove has stolen the dojo away from him.

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This sort of betrayal which is sandwiched with all his grief over the tragic injury to his most loved student that is Miguel Diaz, whose part has been played by Xolo Mariduena has led to Johnny turning his back on Cobra Kai. Now the real question arises that whether Sensei Lawrence and his next steps could lead him to take over Daniel La Russo, whose role has been reprised by Ralph Macchio, and his dojo?

Here is what the story of Cobra Kai might turn itself into!

Well, we all know that Johnny has gone on to define himself against Daniel since the period in time when they were mere teenagers and happened to compete at the All Valley Under 18 Karate Championship and also over Ali Mills whose character has been enacted by actress Elisabeth Shue.

Daniel has previously thrived as the hero of The Karate Kid and its whole saga of films and then in Cobra Kai, we have seen him as a successful businessman who has a loving wife as well as a family.

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