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Captain America: Civil War Is an Avengers Movie As Per The Fans

The fans of Captain America and the fans of Avengers took the internet by storm recently. what A debate has ensued between the two fractions.

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What Is The Debate All About?

The debate that took place between the two teams is on Avengers 3. The fans of Captain America feel that the final installment of Captain America stand-alone movie was actually an Avengers movie.

What Happened In Captain America: Civil Wars?

The last movie of Captain America, that is Captain America: Civil Wars found the Avengers on opposite sides of a new status quo created by the government-imposed Sokovia Accords. It was a system imposed by the government to keep the superheroes in check.

Steve Rogers fought to protect his childhood friend Bucky. He also emerged as the captain of the faction that argued that the Avengers should remain free to defend humanity without government interference.

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Fans Are Demanding A New Captain America Movie

Now, Steve Rogers’ fans want a new Captain America 3 despite Civil Wars being the third installment in the Captain America series.

What Happened On Twitter?

Fans were asked on Twitter to rank all the Captain America movies. Soon after #TheFirstAvenger was trending on the internet.

One of the fans tweeted, The First Avenger is trending so I would just like to remind everyone that Steve Rogers was a hero long before the serum.

Soon the fans were divided over the movie and two teams Team Captain America and Team Avengers were formed. The division led to a debate between both the teams.

Chris Evans who plays the role of Captain America has retired from the role.

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