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Black Widow: New Trailer Might Come Anytime Soon!

Fans watching Avengers: Endgames might have been surprised to learn that the works had discovered a Black Widow Solo movie. Considering, Natasha did penance for Soul Stone, starting the third movie. Gradually, it really lives: After a period of a huge expansion, Marvel Studios last saw the sun, every time a Black Widow movie was made.

For all intents and purposes, he saw the original figures from the film industry and the most significant support for Black Widow, The protagonist this time is legends to direct her film, and works with a guide from the female boss and her independent film Captain Marvel to progress.

Release Date:

Firstly Black Widow comes to hit our screen on 1 May 2024 but due to Covid-19 epidemic creators ready to change the release plan and it will arrive on November 6, 2024. Disney abandoned the film prior to its release (with more than one person) in view of the COVID-19 epidemic and the end of theaters across the world. world. We get our movie, Black Widow Solo.


Nothing can be said about it yet. But here you can check the final trailer of the Blck Widow which is released before COVID-19: