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Here’s How Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman’s Daughter Look Like Now

Thomas Cruise is an American actor and movie maker. He has different honors or awards for his work, which include three Golden Globe Awards and three nominations for Academy Awards. Nicole Mary Kidman AC is an Australian actor and also a filmmaker.


Kidman met Cruise in November 1989, while shooting ‘Dyas of Thunder’ they were hitched on Christmas Eve in Telluride, Colorado on December 24, 1990. The couple adopted a girl, Isabella Jane Cruise in 1992, and a boy, Connor Antony in 1995. On 5 February 2001, the couple reported their separation. Cruise sought legal separation two days afterward, and the marriage was dissolved in August of that year, with Cruise referring to irreconcilable differences.

In the June 2006 Kidman said she still loves Cruise and for her, he was simply Tom, yet to every other person, he is a brilliant actor and person and he was good to her and she likewise loved Tom. Kidman still loves him and communicated that she was stunned about their separation.


Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman's Daughter Posts SUPER Rare Selfie! | Samachar News English


The 27-year-old Isabella posted on Instagram on September, 19 to flaunt her new hairdo, which had some blue shading and was comparable in styling to a mullet. In the pic, she wore a leopard print top, a dark leather coat, a couple of hanging earrings, a gold nose ring, and a couple of dark, round shades.

Bella Cruise avoids the spotlight and most of the time she keeps her Instagram account about her work of art. Bella posted the selfie without a caption, however, tagged gems brands NOTTE and July Child. Her fans praised her style in the comment area.

Journey and Kidman have respected their kids’ privacy and space. A source told PEOPLE in July 2018 that the actor adores every one of his kids. Also, every one of them has a right to their own story.

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