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Avatar 2: Brand New Image Shows Underwater Filming For The Sequel Movie

Although there is a stop in the production of the movie although we can see many things from the house of Avatar. In fact, after the creation of Avatar 2, there is plenty of material to display, thanks to some photos that have been shared since the days when the highly anticipated 2024 sequel closed and ran away; The last of which shows fi underwater.

The Avatar is been delayed till 2024 there will definitely be much more to cover Cameron.

Things had already passed through the coronavirus pandemic in the upcoming Avatar sequel, with shooting in New Zealand halted when the health and cast risks became too great for that. The shooting of the movie has been resumed in New Zeland with Cameron all thanks to Island nation’s low rate of infection.

Currently, James Cameron is working not only on the sequel of the Avatar but also on several projects therefore the photos which released were like a dream for fans.

Shown on the aquatic set in his movie, guiding the actors to his direction, sitting on a catwalk above the Avatar 2 fish set. Before asking why he’s not on the same level as his actors, The answer is that the white layer on the water is not really a hard surface. Somewhat, it is a group of balls on behalf of exposing the shot correctly.

Avatar 2 is still slated for release on December 17, 2024

While Cameron is also filming for the sequel. Avatar 3 will be out on December 22, 2024; Avatar 4 on December 19, 2025, and Avatar 5 finally became a movie hit on December 17, 2027, when we were old and gray.

The post you can see below which is showing the photos of the underwater shoot:

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